Live-in rehabilitation facilities, also known as sober living environments can often prove to be a viable sentencing alternative for drunk-driving offenders in lieu of mandatory jail time. If a convicted drunk driver is sentenced to jail, California’s Penal Code Section 2900.5 provides that time spent in a live-in rehabilitation/sober living environment will be credited toward a jail sentence that the courts impose as a result of a California DUI or DUID. It should be noted that it is the court’s duty that accepts and imposes this sentencing alternative to establish the date or dates of any admission to and release from a live-in rehabs/sober living environment and the total number of jail days that will be credited. Live-in rehabs/sober living environments are often the most appropriate sentencing alternatives for drunk drivers who have alcohol problems or who have multiple DUI/DUID convictions. Experienced California DUI/DUID attorneys will often attempt to get such clients the live-in rehabs/sober living environment alternative in lieu of jail time.

Live-in rehabs/sober living environments are houses for both men and women where all residents are “sober.” Part of living in such facilities is that each resident is typically required to attend a 12-step program, participate in group ‘treatment’ sessions and other group functions, and perform daily household chores. The primary benefit of sober living environments compared to alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities is that some California DUI offenders are allowed to leave during the day to go to work and then return to the sober house after work.

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