If your license is suspended due to a California DUI or you plead guilty to a Drunk Driving incident through the California Criminal Court System then you will likely have to complete an alcohol program in order to get your license back or as a term of your probation. The required alcohol program can range in length from 12 hours to 18 months depending on the circumstances of your case.

The 12 hour program is usually referred to as a wet reckless program since it is generally ordered when a person pleads to a reduction to a California DUI charge known as the same. Each county differs slightly in the requirements for the alcohol program you must attend. Working with a qualified California DUI Attorney is vital to avoid a longer program than is necessary. Both the Department of Motor Vehicles and the criminal courts could end up requiring a class, so it is best to run the classes concurrently. A competent California DUI Lawyer can assist you with finding the right class to meet all requirements.

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