Sometimes the community service alternative entails having DUI offenders perform labor under the guidance of Cal-Trans. This type of community service usually involves cleaning up the freeways by picking up trash, removing graffiti from walls along the freeways, or clearing brush. The number of hours that DUI offenders are required to work with Cal-Trans is equal to the time that the California DUI offender would have spent in jail. These are known as good time/work time custody credits.

Generally, there is a certain amount of time allotted that the DUI offender has for completing the hours. If the required community service hours are not completed in this allotted time, the courts may issue a probation violation. Throughout California, there are a number of different Cal-Trans locations to work from. Work starts in the morning, generally at 6:00 a.m. when Cal-Trans vans pick up California DUI offenders and take them to a number of different locations to work. DUI offenders are provided a mid-day lunch break and the work day ends after 8 hours.

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