California DUI Checkpoints Best 4th Of July 2016 DUI Survival Tips!!

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10. Headlights on?
9. Checkpoint ahead sign = checkpoint is ahead
8. Secure surveillance video immediately if arrested
7. Sleeping in parked car can still trigger a DUI – get a room (They will still need to prove you actually drove the car while impaired by why risk it).
6. 1st breath machine by car is voluntary, unless on probation or under 21
5. Blood takes longer than breath & can be re-tested
4. Don’t refuse the station test (breath or blood)
3. Officer’s questions are voluntary questions.
2. Inform officer of any medical condition
1. Drug impairment (even prescription) with no alcohol = also DUI

Bonus- Marijuana DUI’s are on the rise. Don’t get high and drive. Marijuana card means nothing in a DUI.

Bonus 2 – Make sure you have a front plate on your car, all lights work & tags are up to date!

Use UBER promotion code “stopdui” for a free ride (1st time user). Be Safe!!

Check back this week for DUI Checkpoint locations!

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