Best DUI Attorney In Riverside

Hiring an attorney for a Riverside DUI can be a very confusing and scary process. We are fortunate to have been practicing DUI defense for over 15 years in and around Riverside. When considering the best DUI defense law firm for your DUI give consideration to the following:

1. Does the law firm focus on DUI defense? DUI is a complex area of the law and you we need someone that spends the majority of their time on DUI defense.

2. Who will actually represent you in court? Make sure you are comfortable with the attorney that will actually be in court, not just the partner of the law firm.

3. Do they have experience with the DMV? All DUI DMV hearings in Riverside take place at the San Bernardino Driver Saftey Office.

4. Has the attorney ever conducted a DUI jury trial? Believe it or not, several law firms claim to focus on DUI and provide you with great representation but have NEVER taken a DUI case to jury trial. Most cases settle before trial but you will want to know you have an attorney willing and ABLE to take your case to jury trial.

5. How often does the DUI law firm go to the court your case is located in? So firms claim to handle cases in Riverside and are actually located far away and almost never go to the courthouse. The DUI defense law firm should know the courtroom and judges your case will go in front of.

6. Make a list and ask questions. Just about any DUI law firm will give you a free case review. Narrow your list and once you make a decision, stick with it and listen to your attorney.

At the Law Offices of Thomas Wallin, we are happy to help. We have the experience and the passion to get you through this difficult time and get you back on track.

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