Alcohol Monitoring And The “Scram” Braclet

SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. When worn, the SCRAM bracelet monitors a person’s alcohol consumption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It samples the perspiration of the wearer every 30 seconds to ensure that no alcohol is consumed. It gives complete peace-of-mind that the offender is in complete sobriety.

Many courts have embraced the “SCRAM” bracelet as a way to monitor alcohol consumption of DUI multi-offenders. The bracelet can be used as an alternative to jail time and often provides better results for 2nd and 3rd offenders who may have an underlying addiction to alcohol. The SCRAM bracelet is reasonably priced coming to around $12 to $20 per day for cost and management.

The SCRAM bracelet cannot be removed once placed on an offender. If removed or damaged, the operating company will be immediately notified. Removing or attempting to alter the SCRAM bracelet can result in a violation of probation or revocation of release on your own recognizance.

It is important that if you are required to wear the SCRAM bracelet that you avoid using any product containing alcohol such as mouthwash. The company monitoring your bracelet will notify you of the products and foods to avoid.

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