If you want a clear criminal record of any misdemeanor or felony charges, for which you successfully completed probation, our experienced lawyers can help you obtain a clean criminal record through a legal process called expungement. Your opportunity to secure a good job, better housing, maintain a good credit score, or serve on a jury can all be affected by your criminal record. If you were arrested and convicted, either as an adult California resident or in a California Juvenile court, your criminal record may qualify for a criminal records expungement. As seasoned Santa Barbara expungement lawyers, we have a great deal of experience with the local couty system and are quite knowledgeable in this area of the law.

How an Expungement Attorney Could Help

Our firm houses proficient attorneys that have effectively handled hundreds of expungement defense cases for clients in Santa Barbara County. We have obtained sealed arrest records and convictions and had prior pleas in Santa Barbara courts withdrawn, thereby successfully clearing their criminal records. Not all charges can be cleared from your criminal record. Criminal cases must meet certain rules. In all cases, persons seeking expungement must not be on probation, serving sentence for any offense, nor have any new criminal charges pending.

Resouces for Expungement

If you want to obtain a clean criminal record through Expungement in Santa Barbara County, California the following links have useful information and resources for you.

The County of Santa Barbara

The County of Santa Barbara covers approximately 2740 square miles. At the Official County of Santa Barbara website, you’ll find facts and statistics, information on permits and licenses, forms, links to local law enforcement agencies and more.

Superior Court of Santa Barbara County, California

The Santa Barbara Superior Court website offers forms, information on court filing fees, court rules, and you can pay fines online.

Santa Barbara County District Attorney

A lawyer from the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office may attempt to prosecute persons charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Santa Barbara, California.

Santa Barbara County Probation Department

If you served a probation sentence in Santa Barbara County, either as a juvenile or adult, you may qualify for a criminal records Expungement. At this site you’ll find general information, information on adult and juvenile court services, juvenile halls and programs.

Santa Barbara Public Defender’s Office

As a defendant in a criminal court case you are eligible to utilize the legal council from a lawyer of the Public Defender’s Office if the court determines you are unable to afford to hire your own attorney. Here you’ll find administration information, frequently asked questions, links and more.

Contact a Santa Barbara Expungement Attorney

Simply call our office and an experienced Santa Barbara expungement lawyer could determine if clearing your record is a viable option for you. Chances are if your criminal record holds misdemeanor charges and other minor infractions, we can obtain a clear criminal record for you. If you were convicted of a felony that could have been charged as either a felony or misdemeanor, known as a “wobbler,” there are also options available to you.  Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us for an initial case consultation.

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